Video Conferencing Software – The Brilliant Web Solution and New Business Opportunity

After Seven Years – This conferencing software from San Antonio Texas has gone live, with a price point which has taken the market by surprise. It’s taken their breath away. It’s so Low…

G V O has been online since 1998 with Kiosk under go g v o, today. The main reason it is around today is simple:

‘You have to believe in a product First’

This is the key question you have to ask yourself, If not for the opportunity would you use the product or service? If you can’t answer this question with a resounding Yes, it will not last the test of time. Video Conferencing software facilitates this with a resounding yes, for you or someone in your surrounding area…

G V O had there first data centre in Ottawa Ontario Canada, they out grew this data centre in 4 to 6 Months, then they built a second data centre and guess what, in a further 8 Months they out grew that Data centre as well, by running out of fibre optics! In 2004, they launched their conferencing product that actually became bigger than Kiosk in a very short time frame – 6 months, in too ran out of Fibre optics, with the difficulties that brings, like a basket Ball through a garden Hose and like the cell phone advert – ‘Can You Hear Me now’ – ‘Can You Hear Me now’? In 2006, they started to build a new data centre in the Fibre Optic Mecca of the World – San Antonio Texas – The above Video is out of that Data centre in Texas. The product is solid, Rock Solid.

This video conferencing company has a couple of Thousand users who use VOIP (Video Over Internet Protocol – Provider)to build a conventional business on-line, having meetings or for their own purposes and for Network marketeers who want to promote their opportunity.

So, why will this be the best product in the industry? Well, this video conferencing software company own and operate their own Data Centre, they own the routers, the servers, the code, they own the wholesale cost of the bandwidth. Bandwidth is essential to hosting a real time Video conferencing solution. Because they own it all and the code there are no middle men, they are completely Privately owned, no board of Directors, no people to tell them what to do. In fact the only people that tell them what to do are their valued Distributors and affiliates, that’s what gives this video conferencing software such a robust position for staying in the market compared to others.

Established in 2004 by 2006 they had grown to the point of critical business in Canada, so they moved to Texas San Antonio in June 14th 2007. They have been building their Data Centre and perfecting their software to the launch point ever since. VOIP conferencing is more popular now than it was in 2004, Business are looking for ways to cut their travel costs, families and friends are no longer using just the telephone, they are turning to the Internet and using computers to see their families growing up in real time, they are turning to VOIP to stay in touch. It won’t be long before you and your family do for sure.

The reason this company did not choose a Skype like product which is just one to one, is because there are thousands already in the market place. So, they created a product which is One to 4 to many. So you can conference with One hundred people, 500 hundred people or a thousand people. The product is rock solid. Now why will it succeed in the Network marketing game? Well all successful Network Marketeers are using products like GoTo webinar meetings or Webex to promote their business or in order to promote their Internet Marketing efforts.

VOIP conferencing, Web Conferencing Solution – So what’s the big deal?

The Conferencing software has that 11 second sales pitch, the concept and opportunity can be visualised and fully understood in that 11 second window of opportunity. Why is this so important, well it’s plain and simple, if you have a product that is too confusing, that people don’t get and understand in that all important first 11 Seconds, it is just not going to sell well, ie. people won’t join your opportunity.

When you experience this video Conferencing product it is aimed at that individual instantly and sold, you can be in an Amway meeting, a FreeLife meeting in this conferencing software, right there and then you are experiencing the power of the software product. Just by experiencing the software people want the Tool. So, it’s easily demonstrable, it’s easy to use and understand. It’s easy to see the concept, the potential wide use and appeal of this conferencing software product. It is a Global market, the software is being launched and aimed at Five languages in One shot, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and more from the start. Just think of the numbers involved, the potential for all those families to keep in visual touch via this conferencing product. It’s huge.

The competitors products are a minimum $99 Dollars per Month, because this company own all the Data Centre hardware they can still pay up to 75% of the income back to their distributors at the price point they have chosen. So what makes this so unique? Well, unlike other Marketing opportunities, where the product or service are usually more expensive to buy than with the competitors else where, it’s completely different with this Video Conferencing. The product is going to be the best in the industry, and it is going to be at a fraction of the cost of the competitors product like Webex or GoTo meeting or others.

Everyone has got to thank GoTo meeting as their advertising on Television has made it such that conferencing is a well known solution now. There are businesses out there that are cutting hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per year off their travel costs by using a conferencing product. Rather than this Video Conferencing company doing Television commercials, they going to Grass roots, they are going to people like you to push this to the market, so everyone can collectively make Millions of Dollars in this industry.

This is a brand new Product, this is the time to get on-board, now, not tomorrow but right now. There is no competition in this Marketing world for this product either. There are lots of nutritional Market products out there, there are a lot of Anti Aging Market products out there but no conferencing marketing opportunities. This is an opportunity that complements theInternet Marketing industry,Internet Marketer’s will use this tool to grow existing Market’s while demonstrating the power of this Video conferencing. Gone are the days of Hotel meetings, gone are the days of having to talk to friends and family, gone are the days of looking for leads, it’s easy to find the leads the, key is to sign up, see the power of the product and see how people will stay on board as it’s a wonderful tool, that may just be the ‘How did we do this before’ product of the next 10 years.

It Ticks the Boxes – This Video Conferencing offer is coming out at such a price point that is so ridiculously low that there will not be attrition in this market at all. Attrition is one of those nightmares in the Network Marketing industry. Non competitive, this product can be used by anybody in or out of the network marketing industry to build their business. Marketeers, Newbie beginners can invite their leads to their meetings from the comfort of their own home, on their personal computer. Don’t go to a Hotel meeting, don’t travel, don’t get that dreaded excuse that we all know about. We call a contact and ask them to the meeting tonight for the great opportunity we want to show them. We turn up to the meeting, the Seven people We have invited to the meeting don’t come and they don’t let you know they won’t show. So then what do we do, we do the dreaded follow up call the next day only to hear every excuse that has ever been uttered by man. Those days are gone, the Internet has changed those days forever. We like to call it multi-viral marketing. They know how this industry works, they want YOU on their team. I want you on our team. The support is amazing, I have never seen anything like it.

This Video Conferencing has it all:-

1. – Immediate satisfaction;

2. – Residual Income;

3. – Easily duplicates;

4. – People have to get what it’s about quickly within 11 seconds, this conferencing software is lightning fast;

5. – It is Non competitive in Internet marketing Market;

6. – It has little price point resistance;

7. – It’s going to have you on it’s team like everyone else that sees this opportunity;

So How low is the price point?

1/10 of the Market price.. That’s how low… $8.97 Monthly

The market was expecting around $100 per month or at best $50 per Month..

This is for everyone..At this price point, what resistance is there..

Can you see the potential? Just think about your own situation for a moment, to get a reflected idea of how this is going to go Nuclear. Got to call a friend up state because you haven’t seen them in ages, hang on, why call, Video conference with them, heck, not just them but their family, your mates, your community you have been away from. Why stop there, if you need to travel for business, you can just as easily Video conference with 1 to 4 or 1 to 50 without leaving your front door. Do more calls per day than you were doing in a week. Beginning to see the potential of this? It’s huge, it’s bigger than that, it’s massive, because this is Global, your family, your industry, can be half way round the world and it will make no difference to them, it’s like being next door. Any time, any how you can see, talk, explain, share the contents of your computer, drawings, files, ideas, pictures, music all at the same time as looking into their eyes as if across the table. Heck, the only thing missing is the cup of Joe, cup to coffee, cup of tea. In fact why not put that on while you talk Turkey right there and then.

Right now,take action, in fact it’s just a matter of time before you get the email asking you to join a conference from another member who did just go for it before you. So don’t wait on this One, don’t wait for your colleagues or mates to get the jump on you, it’s right up there with, the washing machine and the Internet for brilliant ideas.

For earning potential, support with how to do this from scratch and an opportunity for all, it has got to be this Video conferencing software, this is the big One. If you keep doing what our doing, you sure are going to keep getting what you are getting..


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